1 Off Season Deer Hack You Need to Try

Genius Deer Hunting Hack

This post is going to be short but will hopefully be a game changer for your off season efforts.

I stumbled across this idea talking to a guy at the archery range this past weekend.

It was his first time shooting a bow, and I had given him a few pointers. This started the conversation, and I learned that while he was new at bowhunting, he was a very experienced deer hunter and great at deer management.

The Game Changing Tip


What? Are you kidding?!

Not at all. He told me that each year after deer season, they would put scarecrows in all of their deer stands.

By doing this, the deer become accustomed to seeing something in the trees so that when hunting season comes along, well you get the idea.

Do You Have a Genius Hack?

If so, comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear more ideas like this and will continue to add the ideas to this post as a resource for all of our readers.



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